Domestic Violence

Arguments and disagreements are part of family life.  Occasionally domestic quarrels escalate to the point where the police are called; this constitutes one of the most common reasons why police go to homes. When they do, an arrest frequently follows even if that is the last thing the caller wanted. 

The arrest is the first of many serious consequences of a charge of domestic abuse. A restraining order is often issued prohibiting the accused from having any contact with the victim.  If the victim is the spouse or child of the accused the restraining order may ban the accused from his or her own home.

A conviction for domestic violence will result in a possible jail sentence, fines, and a year of weekly mandated classes.  A conviction may also adversely affect employment and will result in a ban on possessing firearms.

It is essential you obtain legal representation as quickly as possible after a domestic abuse incident, arrest or citation because a lot can be done to help you before criminal charges are actually filed.  In appropriate cases it is also important to get counselling to bring families back together.  The Law Offices of Lawrence & Peck have successfully represented many people charged with domestic violence and are well qualified to help clients avoid the potentially serious consequences of a domestic violence conviction. 

The right representation is critical to your case.

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