Workers Compensation and Insurance Fraud

Workers’ Compensation Fraud includes knowingly false claims of injury made by an employee or a false representation of a material fact by an employer to avoid responsibility under the law to provide workers’ compensation benefits to qualifying employees. 

The worker’s compensation laws are complicated and can be violated by the ill-advised or uninformed even though they do not intend to commit fraud. The local prosecutor has a state-funded worker’s compensation fraud unit that consists of attorneys and investigators who specialize in tracking down and prosecuting violators.  Often the prosecutor’s investigation can take months. 

The Law Offices of Lawrence & Peck have represented several people who were charged with worker’s compensation fraud including one highly publicized case that involved a preliminary hearing of more than six months duration which ended with the dismissal of more than 100 felony charges and a disposition involving a handful of misdemeanor charges and no time in jail.  If you believe you are being investigated for worker’s compensation fraud the sooner you have legal representation the better your odds of resolving the investigation favorably.

The right representation is critical to your case.

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