Sexual Offenses

There is a wide array of sexual offenses described in the California Penal Code.  Some criminalize non-consensual sexual acts upon another.  Others are criminal because the victim is a minor.  And the mere possession of child pornography is unlawful. 

In recent years with the advent of the computer some law enforcement agencies engage in sting operations that are aimed at chat room and social media participants who may agree to engage in sexual relations with minors. Typically, a police officer will pretend to be a minor seeking sex.  When the unsuspecting defendant shows up for a “date” he is nabbed.

Another burgeoning area of criminal law is the possession or control of internet child pornography.  Many unsuspecting defendants are shocked when law enforcement officers show up with search warrants and seize computers and other digital devices.  The defendant belatedly learns that his use of the computer has been minutely logged and files that he thought he deleted are still in existence and retrievable.  The sentences for possession of internet child pornography have escalated in recent years,

All sexual offenses carry severe penalties and can result in a lifetime requirement to register as a sex offender.  The adverse effect of registration cannot be overstated.  Registration can ruin careers and reputations, particularly if registration on a public website is ordered.  

The Law Offices of Lawrence and Peck have considerable experience representing clients charged with sexual offenses.  And experience is essential because these are difficult and complicated cases that often require computer or medical experts and extensive investigation.  At the first sign that you may be suspected of a sexual offense get a lawyer. 

The right representation is critical to your case.

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