Drug Possession, Transportation, and Sale

Drug offenses constitute a large proportion of the criminal cases filed in Monterey County.  There is an intricate and complicated network of state drug laws that penalize possession, sales, transportation, importation, furnishing, or administration of controlled substances.  Convictions can result in years of incarceration, heavy fines, and registration. 

You can reduce the possibility of suffering these serious consequences by retaining counsel as soon as possible.  There is much an experienced law firm can do.  For example, drug arrests often raise search and seizure issues that require extensive research and motion work. A successful motion to suppress evidence can result in dismissals or reduced charges. And even if the facts are against you there are alternatives to conviction when you have an aggressive, experience, and effective defense team on your side. Call us today to learn about the options available to you.  

The right representation is critical to your case.

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