Homicide, the taking of the life of another, encompasses many offenses that vary in seriousness depending upon the facts.  The crime of murder (Penal Code section 187) is regarded as the most serious crime on the books and is punished accordingly.  Life sentences are not uncommon and the death penalty is still imposed occasionally even though no one has been executed in California in a decade.  Lesser forms of homicide such as voluntary, involuntary and vehicular manslaughter carry lesser but considerable sentences. 

The defense of homicide cases require thorough investigation and, above all, experience.  The attorneys at the Law Offices of Lawrence & Peck have tried many complicated murder cases including capital murder and have obtained acquittals in some of the county’s most sensational murder cases.  In one case in which the prosecutor presented incriminating DNA evidence the jury acquitted the defendant and headlines of the state’s top legal newspaper’s reported, “Underdog Topples Mighty DNA.”

Serious cases require serious “lawyering.”  You can be sure you will get it if you retain the Law Offices of Lawrence & Peck.

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